Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pumpkin Party 2011

Our church has a Pumpkin Party on Halloween every year. With all the bounce houses, popcorn, games, snow cones and lots and lots of candy we have a great time! 

I was very happy with the fact that both my big boys were totally fine with homemade costumes.  I stole the idea of a ninja from a friend (Thanks, Catherine!). So, along with a tshirt from Kris' closet, we used last year's batman costume, my black winter gloves and a sword from the Dollar Tree to turn Luke into a fierce looking ninja.

At the last minute Eli decided he wanted to be a ghost.  I had a random single white sheet in the linen closet, so after five minutes of snipping here and there he was set.  Of course, the costume lasted about five minutes too because he couldn't see, but he happy with his costume.

Judah borrowed a costume from his cousin (Thanks, Tripp!), and he was the cutest tiger ever.  I couldn't get him to face the camera, so this is the best shot I could get.

After the Pumpkin Party we hit a few houses in the neighborhood behind us for a little trick or treating.  Judah, as usual, was not about to be left behind and followed his brothers right up to the front door. 

The only picture of all three of them together...
So, all total, the night cost us a dollar and gas money.  Well worth the fun we had.  I would like to say I'm trying to teach my children that they don't have to have $30 dollar costumes or all the brand new stuff to be happy.  Borrowed and home made is just a fun.  But really, I'm just grateful they don't know any better yet.  We'll keep riding this train as long as we can!

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Kristy said...

I love the costumes!! Oh - I awarded you the Liebster Award - check out my blog to see what it is! :)