Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Belated Birthday Wish

Months ago I was sitting in my bed having a little quiet time before my day (a.k.a. my boys) came roaring to life, and I was praying for my old college roommate.  I can't remember what or why, but I was just thinking about all the things I think are awesome about her.  Her birthday was November 13th, and I fully intended to "sing her a love song" on my blog that day, but well, we all know about good intentions.  After she gave me the precious gift of one of her few days home last week, I wanted to give her some belated birthday affection in return. 

When Catherine and I moved in together my second year at UGA, we were both completely unaware of what we had gotten ourselves into.  I was a type A, stressed out, slightly anal, perfectionist.  I was extremely reserved, never wanting to do ANYTHING to draw attention to myself.  My idea of a good time was hanging out with four or five close friends.  My first memory of Catherine is of her climbing like a wild woman across all the chairs in the middle of worship at Wesley because she saw someone she knew and wanted to say hey.  When I wanted to do something nice for her birthday, I called her friends and family and had them send her birthday cards in the mail.  When she wanted to do something nice for my birthday, she threw me a surprise party with an apartment full of people. 

You get the idea.  We are a bit different from each other.  Which is why we nearly killed each other the first year we lived together.

Then we had a sweet, slow, laid-back summer.  And now we're friends ever after.

There are lots of things I've learned from Catherine.  Lots of gifts she's given me.  Catherine is tenacious!  When the girl sets her mind to something, she will get it done. Catherine lives vicariously through no one. When we lived together she didn't just have a bucket list.  She actually crossed things off her bucket list.  After she graduated, she left the country for six months.  Even more astounding, she later left the South and didn't come back.  If Catherine wants it, she'll make it happen.  So what if nobody understands her dream?  It's her dream.

Catherine is loyal.  She makes deep friendships.  She gives her whole heart, even sometimes when it's not fully appreciated.  She is thoughtful and generous.  She has helped me to be more thoughtful and generous. 

I'm grateful for the time I spent as her roommate.  I'm grateful for all the times she's come to visit me and my family.  I'm grateful for all the ways she's ignored my flaws and loved me anyway.  I'm blessed to call her friend.

Happy birthday, Catherine!


Lauren said...

Such a nice tribute to your friend!

Catherine said...

Thank you Hanni. I just read this today. You're a gem of a friend as well. I love you and it was a joy to see you the other day.