Thursday, December 30, 2010

Judah's First Birthday

I have definitely gotten the message that we are going to have to celebrate Judah's birthday early in December.  It's just too crazy right before Christmas.  We did celebrate his birthday, it was just right in the midst of many other activities.  The Sunday before his birthday we had a party with yummy food, pretty cupcakes and fun gifts with the family. 

"Mama is making a crazy face.  What's all the excitement about?"
 "Hmmm....This looks...."
 A bath was in order.

Judah had a rotten cold that ended up in an ear infection, so he slept through the majority of his birthday party.  In spite of that, he had a good time being the center of attention. 

I know it's predictable, but it has to be said: I cannot believe Judah is already one!  This year has gone at light speed.  Our family has been so blessed by having Judah in it.  There is not one of us who has not completely enjoyed Judah.  I think he would say the feeling is mutual. 

Judah isn't walking yet.  He tricked me.  I thought for sure he would be.  He stands by himself for a long time and cruises the furniture, so it won't be long.  He is drinking well out of a sippy cup and eating only big boy food (which has seriously decreased the meal time screaming).  He has discovered foods he doesn't like.  Eggs was the first food.  He prefers foods mixed together.  Yay!  A southern baby...he loves casseroles!  I'm still nursing him, with no end in sight.  He's just so sweet about it and we have the sweetest cuddle time while I'm nursing him.  I recognize the value in that and know it will come in almost no other way.  My two big boys have taught me that. 

Judah has no idea that he is a baby.  He is convinced he's a big boy and tries all kinds of big boy things.  This morning he fell into the bathtub.  The other day he nearly hauled himself all the way into the toy box.  If the boys are outside, the why in the world isn't he?!! 

Kris has always been a jokester, and I think Judah will follow in his footsteps.  He always has this grin on his face like he's up to something.  He loves to smile and giggle and is happy the majority of the time.  Much more so when he's either in my arms or I'm out of his line of sight.  He gives the best kisses.  He comes at you with a wide open mouth, and once he makes contact with your face he might even lick you. 

Judah, love, you are such a snuggle bug!  I love you.  I enjoy you.  I look forward to getting you out of the bed in the morning.  Sometimes your Daddy and I take you out of each others arms because neither one of us can get enough of you.  Thank you for all your smiles and for the way you've settled so sweetly into our family.  Your first year has been a delight, and I will treasure it and you always.  Happy Birthday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Scramble

I finally got around to wrapping presents Monday night, so Tuesday morning the boys were really excited to see them under the tree.  Eli picked a present up and turned to me with wide, excited eyes, "Is this my humpback whale?!" 

Oh. No.

He really wants a humpback whale for Christmas.  My entire Tuesday morning was spent online frantically trying to find a stuffed humpback whale in a store somewhere in the vicinity.  No luck.  I spent Wednesday afternoon scouring two different malls and various stores.  No luck.  Apparently, dolphins and penguins are popular.  Humpback whales, not so much. 

So, Eli will not be getting his humpback whale for Christmas, but at least I know what he wants for his birthday. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Most Pitiful Sound You've Ever Heard

Judah is a "little bit" under the weather (You can read that "the most rotten cold ever".)  He was crying this morning, and I got a recording of how he sounds.  While that probably isn't the best mama thing I could have been doing as he was sitting at my feet trying to wail, at least I didn't actually video him.  Right?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Luke and Eli's School Christmas Program

Luke and Eli had their Christmas program at school last night.  They sang songs for us and then, more importantly, we ate cookies.  I cry every single time my children perform.  If I didn't know that I was one of the many weeping mothers I might wonder if I had a hormone imbalance.  But I recognize that this is what happens when we become mothers.  Any time one of our offspring look unbearably cute, we smile, our chins wobble and then we weep.  It's inevitable. 

This was only Eli's second time in front of the large crowd.  This is what he thinks of performing for the masses (Eli is in blue):

Luke, on the other hand, is a seasoned veteran (Luke is in pink, next to the tallest girl in the school.  I told him to choose his place in line more wisely next time.  She made him look like a peanut.) 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Luke's Birthday Request

Luke told me for his "number six birthday", on November 3rd, (in case I wasn't sure when his birthday was), he wanted a baby girl sister.  I told him that was sweet and to pick again.  Eli is probably more likely to get his humpback whale.

Judah At Eleven Months

We went to Camilla for Thanksgiving and then we had a week of various illnesses, so I'm a little behind.  Judah hit 11 months on the 22nd of November.  Apparently, he thinks he's five years old because he gets ticked when he gets left behind.  He has started running away when he knows I'm coming after him.  He looks around to see if anybody is watching when he's about to get into or touch something he knows is off limits.  He gives me "the face" when I'm not making him very happy. 

Exhibit A:
Judah stands by himself for as long as he wants to.  He sometimes forgets he can't walk and tries to take a step but hasn't successfully completed one yet.  He still loves pretty much everybody with Mama being his #1 pick. {smile}  The only people who make him cry are Kris' uncle and cousin.  We have no idea why but everytime they're in the room Judah boo hoos like he's been assaulted. 

Judah hasn't met a food he doesn't like.  We have not yet deciphered the screams that accompany every single meal.  I think they mean "More!!", "Faster!!" and "All done!!"; but they seem to all run together without a break in between.  Meal times have become a bit of a challenge.  I know.  This too shall pass.

I cannot believe Judah will be one in a few weeks.  This year has flown past!  What a treasure he has been!