Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Luke's Birthday Weekend

For his birthday this year, Luke asked to go to Clearwater Beach to visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  If you've seen the movie Dolphin Tail, that's where it was made and the home of the dolphin, Winter.  We got a hotel on the bay for the night and swapped Judah for cousin Cole.  The boys had fun jumping on the beds, eating out and playing in the water.  And, of course, being silly.

 The boys collecting treasures.

 Proud of his find.
 Silly, I tell you.
 Attempt at a couple's photo.

 Their collection.  Every piece (Except for the seaweed. That, I refused.) came home with us.
 Friendly fella'.
 Okay, so maybe just Eli was silly all weekend.

 Yep, it was just Eli.

 The birthday boy.

 Spotted eel

 Rehabbed turtle.  It's back legs were damaged, so it was unable to be released.

 Winter's prosthetic tail

 I kept waiting for someone to stop the boys from practically swimming with the sting ray, but no one did.  It was probably their favorite part of the day.  It was pretty cool to actually pet it, even if I did keep asking Kris nervously, "Isn't a sting ray what killed Steve Irwin?!?"  He ignored me.

 Nicolas was a true star.  He loved his audience (or maybe all the treats they kept feeding him for every trick he did).

 It was just fun to be with the boys and to be able to say "Yes" to Luke's request.
 When we got back into town we ate dinner at Kris' parents' house and had Luke's favorite. Key Lime Pie!

 Judah getting his dance on.
 Luke really didn't care about having an official party as long as he got a cake and presents. 

It was a fun time for him and for us.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts

This weekend was the Fall Festival of the Arts here in DeLand.  Each grade in all the area schools had a piece chosen to be on display, and Luke's art was chosen to represent the first grade class at his school!

Okay, I need a moment.  I was sure I was going to be proud of his work, but I was not prepared to be stunned.  I'm not naturally gifted in the arts (understatement), so the fact that the child who created this art and the art below came from my gene pool sometimes overwhelms me.

 If I'm going to be completely honest, I had no idea that there was such a thing as "Chalk and Glue" media.
 The artwork was being housed in the downtown government offices building where Kris sometimes works. The boys were being silly.  Their daddy is the best property appraiser in the county.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Time? Standard Time? Normal Time?

Whatever you call this "Not Daylight Savings Time", it is not a friend of mothers with three very healthy, very energetic boys.  Not that I want them to be anything other than healthy and energetic, but I think we might have to invest in more outdoor lighting and some non-toxic mosquito repellent because our house can't take much more of these pitch black at six o'clock nights!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Luke is Seven!

I'm seriously not old enough to have a seven year old, right?  It was the craziest thing.  Luke went to sleep a boy Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning a seven year old man child!  He literally starting looking older over night.

A few things about this sweet child of mine:
He is compassionate.
He is kind.
He is tender.
He is sensitive to Holy Spirit.
He is driven.
He is determined.
He is confident.
He is bold.
He is handsome.
He is easy.
He is wise.
He is obedient.
He is gentle.
He is decisive.
He is strong.
He loves his mama.
He loves his daddy.
He loves his brothers.
He loves Jesus.
He loves reading.
He loves competing.
He loves learning.
He is my first born treasure.

Luke, you still make my heart turn soft, just like you did when you were first born.  I don't think you'll ever get too old for that.  And, I get you.  You're so confident you don't necessarily feel like you need anyone to get you, but I get you.  I love spending one-on-one time with you, as rare as that is.  I enjoy talking to you and hearing what's on your mind.  Being with you is just fun to me.

Thank you for how much you love me and your daddy and brothers.  Thank you that you love when I tell you about the day you were born, about how much your daddy and I wanted you, about how much we still think you're so awesome.  Thank you for enjoying being with your family.  Thank you for being the best first baby bear any mama could ask for.  I love you!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012 Outtakes

One thing I can always count on when it comes to taking pictures with my family is humorous outtakes.  The ladies working the pumpkin patch got a good kick out of watching us.

Share in the fun.  

(His favorite word. When did six year olds get so sassy?)
"I'm way too cool for this."

Sigh. No caption needed here.

They really tried to cooperate here, putting their arms around each others shoulders so sweetly.

This is a typical example of our home. 
I'm giving them the business.
Kris is having fun.