Sunday, March 2, 2014

You First!

In Exodus 33 Moses tells God,"Please don't send me with these people if You're not coming too!"

I'm so there! God, I cannot do this thing. I cannot leave this chair, this quiet moment with You, to lead these children through this day if You're not coming too. I don't want to stay in this place of little sleep and even less time of silence and stillness, moments alone, but never do I see my need for You more than when I'm here. When my life is in the rhythm I like, I rock along and look up sometimes to say, "Oh yeah, I need You." But in times like these, I cling to my chair, my moments with You, willing them to last just a bit longer.

You must come too! Your Presence first! You lead me! I cannot put one foot in front of the other unless you go first!