Thursday, November 17, 2011

Luke's 6th Birthday Party

We had Luke's birthday party the day before Halloween.  He was super easy to please this year and didn't want any particular theme and "just chocolate" for his cake with no decorations on top.  Really, Luke, you're too good to your Mama.  All he wanted was a pinata, which Grandma supplied, along with the candy to go in it. I cooked dinner, made a sheet cake and called it done.

I'm not sure there was sufficient supervision on the pinata because Luke went first and kept swinging until the thing fell apart.  I don't think anyone else got a turn...
  But everyone did get candy, so that helped dry tears.
 I think this was a candy negotiation.
 Luke is in a board game phase. I think he has just about every board game known to man. He had been asking for Battleship for months.
 The Flarp that some friends brought was a hit.  With all the boys at the party, it had to be.
 Even Judah and Aunt Erica thought it was hilarious.
 Make a wish!
 Blow out the candles!
 The weather was perfect, and we all sat outside on the porch and hung out.
Happy Birthday, Luke!

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