Saturday, May 24, 2008


As moms, we all know how to mutitask. As wives, we have learned not to expect it from our husbands. I sometimes amaze myself at how many things I can do at once. I read the mail while I cook, finish a project while I talk on the phone, blog while I entertain Eli (which is not going well, so excuse the spelling and grammar), tinkle while I brush my teeth. Oh, come on, I know you've done it too. If you haven't, it's a real time saver. One thing I have not mastered, however, is trying to talk and multitask.

When we were growing up, Mama would start to tell us something and wouldn't finish her sentence. We always ended up trying to guess what she wanted to say just to make it through the conversation. It used to drive me nuts. I need to repent.

My conversation with Luke today at the park:

Me: Luke, let's go back to the playground.
Luke: I wanna see da train.
Me: Okay, let's go back to the playground to get the stroller. Eli's too heavy for me to carry. Then we'll go back and see the...(three second lapse as I try to think of the word)
Luke: Train.
Me: Yes, my two year old, thank you for finishing my sentence.

Oh, heavens. So scary.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eli's Hair...Again.

I know I'm always putting pictures on here of poor Eli and his hair, but it's an endless source of amusement for us. Today at lunch, Kris looked at Eli and said, "Hey, we could get him on TBN with that hair!" (For those of you who don't know, TBN is a Christian station where everyone has Donald Trump-ish hair styles.)

He's much cuter than The Donald, and his lips aren't nearly as freaky. But more often than not, the hair is a dead ringer.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lovin' Living in Florida

We've been doing fun things recently with the boys. And actually remembering to take the camera with us.

'Cause there's nothing better than eating a hamburger bigger than your head.

Looking for fish at the springs. Notice the stylish, pink water shoes. I can't stand the way the bottom of the springs feels on my feet. Bleh.

Playing on the playground.

Hanging out in our backyard.

At the beach today.

"I get mud, Mama."

To give you perspective of what a true bad hair day looks like.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Aching For the Present

I had a random thought the other day. You know how dangerous random thoughts can be. I wondered at what age my boys would be "too old" to sit in my lap and let me cuddle them. Since that thought, I've found myself aching. Aching for the memories that are happening right now.

Things like when Luke wants to be in the conversation so badly that he just starts talking, using every word he knows, whether it makes sense or not. When he's older, he'll know all the words to use and won't do that anymore. And I won't remember how much it made me love him that he was trying so hard to "hang out" with me.

I don't know that I'll remember how Eli cuts his eyes when he's about to get into Luke's toys and then breaks into a big grin as he crawls as quickly as he can over to his target.

Even writing this, I can't remember all the things that have made my heart feel like bursting. I remember the feeling, but not what created it. That makes me ache. I ache that these moments of soft skin, baby hair, warm breath, "I tackle you, Mama!", total unashamed affection are so fleeting. I know, I'm getting way ahead of myself. But I feel it. I feel the time slipping through my fingers and my memories. I have already forgotten so many incredible moments.

I'm so glad I have this blog. I'll be able to remember so many things that would otherwise be tossed to the side without notice. But what about the things that can't even be written in words. They're the giggles, squeals, facial expressions, whispers that make me feel so content.

Because my boys will be my boys even twenty years from now, I know that I will always be having special moments that make me so proud to be their mama. And really, is it such a bad thing to ache for the present? Most of my life I've had to fight being anxious for the future or regretting not truly enjoying the past. Right here and now is where I want to be, remembering every moment.


All three of the boys got home haircuts this week. It was Eli's first haircut, and the first time Kris and I have attempted to cut Luke's hair. Up to this point, Mama has cut his hair, and Kris' dad cut it once. The only photo I have at all is one of Luke after the fact.

We were pleased with how their hair turned out. I'm a little sad that we weren't able to get a picture of Eli's first haircut, but it took some skill just to cut it between the two of us. Let's just say that Eli doesn't really like to be messed with, particularly held down.

Eli's Birthday Party

We had a party for Eli last Saturday night. It was a small affair, but we had fun. Eli loved the cake, for sure. I was a little concerned about giving him cake right before bed, but he ended up sleeping until 8:30 the next morning (an hour and a half longer than normal), so we've given him cake right before bed every night since. Not really, but it was definitely a consideration just to see if it would work.

"More, please?"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Potty Training, Redneck Style

We're not really potty training, but Luke's cousin, Cole is trying to potty train. His new favorite thing is to run outside and drop his pants to pee in the grass. Now, I grew up in South Georgia. I have no problem with this practice. I just think it's funny that Luke wants to be just like him.

Looking for Lovie In All the Wrong Places

I read in a parenting magazine recently that it was healthy, and even preferable, for little boys to have comfort blankets or stuffed animals. I don't exactly remember why. Something about helping them learn to be loving since they tend to be expected to be tough more than girls, I think. I really was just relieved to read that because I think Luke might go to college with his lovie. Definitely kindergarten.

Here is a picture of Lovie.

Not only is Lovie special to my little boy's heart, Lovie is talented. He can do a disappearing act. If I calculated the amount of time I've spent searching for Lovie...let's just say it's a lot. And without fail, if I go searching all over the house, he's sitting in the trailer outside. And if I look everywhere outside, he's sitting on my kitchen counter when I come back in. It's miraculous.

One time, we left Lovie at Grandma's house across town. It was a tragedy.

I know that the logical thing to do would be to work with Luke to break the addiction, but call me an enabler. I want to purchase about ten more of these lovies. If you ever see a lovie like this one, let me know where, and I'm there.