Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He's All Boy

Sunday morning, Luke was snuggling in the bed between me and Kris before Eli woke up, just enjoying being together. I rubbed Luke's head and told him, "You have such nice hair." He said, "Uh, huh." Then he looked at me, poked me in the top of my chest (I suppose since I was laying on my side I actually had a wee little bit of cleavage.) and said, "I like this, this is nice."

Slightly stunned, I said to Kris, "He just told me he liked my boob."

Luke, giggling, said, "Boob, yeah." To which Kris replied, "That's my boy."

Now tell me they're not born that way.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentines

A certain college roommate (you know who you are) and I always used to call Valentine's Day "V Day", short for Venereal Disease day. We weren't too fond of the over commercialization of this particular day of the year that we felt was created simply to make single people feel like crap and to make a lot of money for the industry.

Now that I am a mama, I understand why my mama always made such a big production out of Valentine's Day. It's no longer how I feel that is my focus (Okay, not at the moment, anyway.) but it's about the fact that in the past (almost) six years my heart has learned how to love a little less selfishly. And it's that love that makes me want to celebrate.

So, this Valentine's Day, I'll proudly say I love this day! You know what else I love? I love:

One little boy who won my heart by sending my mama flowers, thanking her for introducing us.
One little boy who won my heart by driving four and a half hours almost every other weekend for six months to hang out with me and my family.
One little boy who called me every night for six months, just to see how my day went and to feel a little bit closer than four and a half hours away.
One little boy who brought me in to be a part of his family while loving the family that I grew up in, too.
One little boy who has given me a family of my own.
One little boy who works so hard to provide for us, allowing me to stay home.
One little boy who is continually becoming the man I never knew I always wanted.

One little boy who has given me the most fun, kind, generous, gentle gift of himself, and...two little boys who are just like him.

Happy Valentine's Day, Boys!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Potty Progress

Luke woke up dry for the first time the other day! He never has accidents during the day, and he's waking up dry from his naps a lot of the time. We're getting there...

Eli has decided that he wants to be just like Luke. Every time Luke goes pee outside, Eli says, "Tee tee" and pulls on his pants. We'll help him get his pants and diaper off and he leans forward for about two seconds and then says, "Ahh duh" (All done). The other day he kept saying, "Poop. Poop." and pulling on my leg, so I asked him if he wanted to potty. He said he did, so I put him on the potty. He sat for two seconds and then said "Ahh duh". He has also started telling me, "Change diaper" when he has pooped, and he likes the idea of going potty. I'm seeing the light at the end of the diaper tunnel!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Eli is learning new words every day. The first thing he says to me in the morning is, "Hunyee, bed." (Honey, bread)

"Hi, Mama. I love you and you're the best mom in the world" would be nice, but "Hunyee, bed" makes me smile too.

Another one that makes me smile is "Peen baaddur". (Peanut butter)

So, today's word is "Ready?"

Every time we watch this video, Eli says, "What?" when I call his name in the video. Luke and I both laugh every time it gets to the part where Eli counts to two really long. Sigh. So cute. I think I'll watch it again....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Crappy Week

I know my title is a little crass, but so appropriate. Eli had the stomach bug this week. He threw up (several times on me) Monday night and Tuesday night and still isn't quite over the other part that lent this post its title. Let's just say that stomach bugs are no fun, especially when the victim is a toddler who can't take care of business for himself.

The patient
We have watched a LOT of "Cars". One plus is that I got to hold and snuggle him more in the past week than I have in his life. His entire life. All put together. Lots of holding. It has really been wonderful. And we're so glad he's almost back to normal.