Friday, July 25, 2014

A Little Inspiration

I've been sitting here reading some of my past blog entries and laughing so hard. My kids are so darn cute! And since it's getting late in summer vacation, and today was a top-decibel day, I needed to be reminded.

Judah ended up at the ER on Sunday getting stitches in his foot. When they got to the house we're building (See, I'm waaaaaay behind on updates), all the boys had on shoes. You know how the rest of the story goes. So, he has eight stitches in his heel. He probably needs ten or twelve, but the ER doctor was a little too optimistic.

The child has not slowed down for one second. As soon as the drugs wore off he was up and running. I told him numerous times on Monday to stop jumping off of things, but it hasn't worked yet. He really has a high pain tolerance, and he has been an excellent patient. He just needed for the narcotics to get out of his system. He was W-I-L-D for about three days. Wild. Even in the middle of it, though, I couldn't help but laugh, especially when he said something about his "itches". I said, "What? Your foot itches?" He said, "Yes, I have itches in my foot."