Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So, It's Past Time, Right?

I think everyone who keeps up with us on here is already aware of the fact that we are expecting baby number four.  To say it was a surprise is an understatement.  We had decided that we love our boys are were completely satisfied with three of them and weren't sure we wanted mess with what was working just fine for us.  And then...well, surprise!
I'm not sure why I've waited so long to put it on here.  Probably a combination of the shock having to wear off, then the nausea and exhaustion having to wear off so I actually felt like putting anything on here, then we just decided to wait until we could say:


While another boy would have been a happy thing too, we are thrilled to be getting the chance to love a little girl.  I know Kris will be an amazing girl daddy, and the boys could definitely use a little softening around the edges.  I really don't even know what to expect this little girl to do to me, but I'm sure it will be wonderful.  I have to confess that at this point, I'm just super excited about pretty, long hair and hair bows!

If you didn't catch it on the video of Eli's birthday party, go back and look and see that my belly is already well on its way to large.  This fourth pregnancy has been no joke so far, and I have discovered that the belief that pregnancies with boys are all out front and pregnancies with girls are all over to be  quite accurate.  My "big girl" panties are already snug.  And September is far, far away.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I've seen recipes for natural laundry detergent before, heard people talk about how they made theirs and contemplated making my own for a while.  I'm sure you know as well as I do that the natural laundry detergent at the stores is ridiculously expensive.  And I'm also sure you've heard or read from at least one source why the natural options are better and how the other kind is going to damage your children or the world or whatever.  I'll spare you the details.

I finally got the motivation to go for it.  I used this recipe for the liquid laundry detergent.  I feel sure that making the powder laundry detergent would be far less messy, but I just figured if I was going to do it I wanted to maximize my savings.  Probably, I would make it in the bathtub next time (with the exception of the stove top part, of course), even though it wasn't horribly messy, just wet.

This was one of the things on my Mother's Day wish list, so I had good helpers.

Luke and Eli thought it was a lot of fun.  I think it made us all feel a little like pioneers (or maybe Pilgrims, since Luke already thinks I was one back before he was born).

After using this for almost a week, I like it.  I haven't seen any negatives yet, even after washing a really dirty, stinky, little (and big) boy load.  Here are a few tips I would give:
1. Mix it up in the bathtub.
2. Pour it into jugs in the bathtub or outside.
3. Gather your gallon containers before making your batch. (That might be a "duh" for some people, but it was not for me, and we have had a covered 5 gallon bucket sitting in our garage for a week now as a result.)
4. If you're intimidated by 5 gallons, cut it in half.  

I'm not planning on making my own soap or candles, but this was worth the time and effort.

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Mother's Day

After being (sort of) left to myself to sleep in Saturday morning, I was awakened by my boys to my Mother's Day breakfast.
 They were so proud to have this to present to me, and I enjoyed every bite.
When Kris asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day I knew what to request.  We spent the day doing things on my list that had been growing of things that I either needed help to do or just needed the motivation of having someone doing it with me to get it done.  We also swam in the neighbor's pool and relaxed.  Kris cleaned, did the grocery shopping and finished just about everything on my list.  I think it was probably my happiest Mother's Day to date because I felt so adored by my boys.  

Thank you, all my boys, for loving on me and showing me how much you love and appreciate me.  I have the best job in the world!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eli's Birthday Bash

We celebrated Eli's birthday with family the Sunday before his actual birthday.  While I know a day will come where the boys want to invite every friend they've ever had, I am enjoying how much easier a family party is.  They are fully satisfied, and I am grateful!

Again this year, Eli didn't want a theme.  I kept making suggestions, and all he would say is that he wanted strawberry cake. So, Publix gave him the biggest strawberries I've ever seen for his cake, and he loved them.

In heaven!
Batman and his cousin stopped by to eat some cake.

'Cause really, as long as there are presents, that's all that matters to a six year old, right?

A Razor scooter with sparks was at the top of his wish list.  The wheels and the side of the scooter light up and the back break makes sparks.  So fun.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lunchtime Laughter

Yesterday at lunch, in the span of five minutes, I had these two converstions:

Luke: "Mom, so, did you live like the Pilgrims did?  You know, churning butter and making all your own stuff?"
Me: "Umm...how old do you think I am?  Go ask Grandma and Papa that question.  They're way older than I am." :)

And then,

Eli: "Mom!  You're a cow!  You have milk in your body!" (With a pointed glance at my chest area.)
Me: Speechless

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Eli is Six!

I didn't forget Eli's birthday, and it was much celebrated.  We've just been busy.  I catch up with all the details eventually, but I wanted to celebrate my sweet six year old and give him his moment in the spotlight.
(Eli showing off the Lego set he put together, purchased with his birthday money from Grandmama and Grandaddy)

I haven't figured out lots of things about my boys yet, but one thing I know for certain is that Eli's love language is physical touch.  Eli loves to have his back scratched, his belly rubbed, his face caressed, his feet massaged, his hiney patted...he loves to be touched.  And he will audibly sigh when you snuggle on the couch or bed with him and you wrap your bodies around each other.  There's not a day that goes by that he doesn't say, "Mama, come snuggle me!"  My love language is probably as far from physical touch as it can get, but I can't resist his soft skin, sweet smile and desire just to be affectionate with his Mama.  And it doesn't have to be Mama.  Yesterday, he and Judah rolled around on the floor for hours throughout the rainy afternoon.  Judah just wanted to be rough, and Eli just enjoyed the physical contact.

Eli knows how to entertain himself.  He can be found playing in his room, pulling out all the toys to play with them one by one or to build with Legos or Trios.  He doesn't need a playmate, even though he is totally a people lover and prefers a friend.  He is happiest when there are friends over to run around with or to come up with fun ideas of things to do.  He loves to be outside, but he's not a fan of going outside by himself.  That feels like punishment (and if I'm being completely honest, with three boys, it often is).

Eli still doesn't love school, even though he excels in every subject and gets along well with all his classmates.  His teacher feels like he is a gift to her classroom with his cooperative nature and desire to work hard and do well.  I think he just is a little (a lot!) like his Daddy and prefers home and family.  Okay, so he's a lot like his Mama that way too.

My Eli, you delight my heart.  Just thinking about all the ways I love you brings happy tears to my eyes.  You light up my every day with your sunny disposition and laid back personality.  Know that you are exactly who your daddy and I love for you to be.  Don't ever be afraid to try something new or challenging because just watching you step out and be brave pleases us so much, no matter if you do it perfectly the first time or not.  Thank you for telling me jokes, wrestling with your brothers, loving our home and for being my sweet snuggle buddy.  I love you!