Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And the Punches Keep on Coming

I'm laying on the couch, sweetly snuggling with Eli while watching a movie, when he says, "Mama! My belly is hard and your belly is squishy!"

If you need me, I'll be at the nearest plastic surgeon's office restoring both my dignity and my post-baby body.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flat Bumps

I'm always a little nervous about what Luke's teacher is going to say when I pick him up because it seems like Luke's inquisitive nature often leads to awkward conversations.  Last week he was trying to teach his teacher how to hula hoop.  When she wasn't successful around her waist he suggested she move it up higher.  She is not a small chested woman and simply said, "It won't work up higher for me."  Luke, who is never satisfied at a simple answer, persisted in asking why not, until his teacher finally said, "I'm too bumpy." Luke then proceeded to ask the other teacher if she was as bumpy as Miss Mandy.  Miss Keri, trying not to laugh, said, "Nooooo, no quite." 

He came home telling me about the bumps his teachers have on their ribs and how they couldn't hula hoop because of them.  I was absolutely floored that he didn't know that they were referring to their breasts, considering I nursed Judah for over a year....until I heard him talking to Kris about the whole situation later.  Kris asked him about teaching his teachers to hula hoop and their bumps, to which Luke replied, "Yeah, Mama has bumps too, but hers are flat bumps."

There's nothing to boost your self esteem like the honesty of your children.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

To Catch Up

It's just been a while, and in order to catch up a bit I thought I would have an explosion of pictures, taken over the last several months, all in one post.  Ready?

 They absolutely adore one another.
 Luke and Eli's school had a sock hop.  Eli didn't stand like a statue this time, at least, but he didn't exactly sing either.
 Luke jammed out.  I had the best time listening to him sing, "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" and "Yakkety Yak" for weeks before the performance.  So cute!

 Judah is turning into a big boy.  He loves being roughed up.
 I can assure you this lasted long enough for me to snap the picture, but I know that I will love this moment forever.
 We spent spring break in Camilla with the cousins.  They all got quiet, and I got a pleasant surprise when I went to make sure there wasn't any mayhem brewing. 
Working together.
 Rae was the only one who wanted to stop and cheese for me.
 Luke, Eli and David had so much fun playing together.  David even spent the night with us.
 Judah is slowly walking more, but climbing is not a newly learned skill.  He's been a pro at that for a while.
 This is how he prefers to watch t.v.
 Baby Einstein is his (and Mama's) favorite show.  No matter what kind of day he's having, he'll be happy when it's on, at home or in the car.
 We are really enjoying the incredible weather.  Contrary to how it appears, Kris is not as garishly white as this picture makes him seem.  Not one of us can claim "bronze god" status (ever), but neither do we all have vitamin D deficiencies, as this picture would lead you to believe. He's probably going to fuss at me for putting this picture on here.

We have been running around lots lately.  I'm hoping things will slow down soon so we can just enjoy being together "as a whole family", as Luke requested this morning.  And maybe I won't have to catch up for the past three months in one post.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

For a Good Mommy Laugh

You know how you get on the computer to "check your blog real quick" and thirty minutes later realize that you've been sucked into a infinite, black vortex of links to peoples blogs that you've never heard of and will never meet?  You know, it's the same reason I don't allow myself to get on Facebook unless I have at least an hour of my life that I'm okay with never getting back because I know good and well I will end up gawking at the pictures people should have never had the nerve to put on their wall in the first place.  Well, I did that today.  The vortex of links, that is.  But I got a good laugh out of what I found and thought I would share. 



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pretty Woman

I was getting dressed for church last week and asked Luke if he thought I looked pretty.  His response? 

"Mmmm...yeah, I guess.  Do you have any brighter lipstick?"

Should I assume it has anything to do with his really pretty, blonde teacher who wears red lipstick most days?