Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For Him

"So, whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."  1 Corinthians 10:31

I've never understood what this really looks like.  How do my daily "dailies" get done "for the glory of God"?

When I obey this command, I help a friend, not because I'm trying to win God's favor or to look like a good friend.  I already have His favor, and I want my friend to know she has it too. I want her to know He thinks she's a big deal.When I discipline my children, it's not so they will behave in public and make me look good.  It's so they learn to bow their knee to authority and ultimately win freedom. It's not so he'll love me and serve me back that I love and serve my husband.  It's because I've been loved and served and I have the privilege of loving and serving.  My motivation changes and so does my attitude.  When my attitude changes so does my response when things I do aren't necessarily appreciated, or maybe aren't even noticed!  I just get to be grateful that it's not about me and that God didn't quit on me because I haven't responded appropriately to Him.  He isn't motivated by need for affirmation and appreciation, need for order, need for affection.  He is motivated by love. 

So will I be.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Caribbean Cruise

We spent last week on a cruise to Mexico with Kris' parents and his sister's family.  I only vaguely mentioned it before because someone mentioned to me one time how I shouldn't put on my blog that I'm leaving town because someone might read it and rob my house while I'm gone.  Narcissistic to think that anyone actually reads my blog, I know, but I was freaked out enough by it that I took it to heart.

But now, we're back, we're tan (for us - I mean, we no longer have vitamin D deficiencies), and I have pictures!  And I'm sure you're all dying to see how much fun I had on my vacation.  The narcissism never quits.

One last photo before we dropped him off with Grandma and Grandaddy.  He had no idea he wasn't going, and he had a fabulous time without us.

 They make your bed and clean your room twice a day and then leave you fun towel pets at night.  What's not to love?
 Luke and his two cousins loved the kids' club.  Eli was having none of it.  He ate dinner with us every night.  He had Grandma Bonnie's phone (games) all to himself. Why would he be foolish enough to go to kids' club?
 Eli did love the public pool at Costa Maya.  I'm thinking of painting our house the color of the building in the background.  Your thoughts?
 Luke floating.
 Eli "floating"
One of the few times we forced Eli to do kids club they had pirate night.  They both loved it!
 Because I'm afraid of robbers reading my blog, but apparently, I'm not afraid of perverts reading my blog.  Eli felt that the beautiful Caribbean waters were the perfect place to relieve himself. 
 I thought of you while I was relaxing, Catherine.  And then I stole your photo idea.
 For my sisters and Mama.
 When we were in Cozumel, we paid a taxi driver to take us to a resort where we could use the pool and beach.  It was beautiful and we all loved it.
 The obligatory family photo.
 One of the only photos Luke stood still long enough to take.  He would have stayed on vacation forever. 
Eli's stamina wasn't quite up to Luke's (neither was mine), and this was him by Thursday.

It was a great vacation, and we would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  After I recuperate and fold all my laundry.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweet Eli

Kris and Eli were setting up Connect 4 today, with Eli directing.  "Daddy, you are red and I am black."  When Kris asked him why he was red, Eli said, "You're red because red wins.  I want you to win because it will make you happy!" 

Sweet Eli!  Thank you for loving your brothers, your daddy and your mama the way you do.  You are always hugging, kissing and loving on us, and you have such a tender heart.  I love you!