Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Judah's "Quiet Time"

This is what Judah did this morning while I had my quiet time. 

It's been a while since I've put an update on Judah and what he's up to these days.  He is almost 23 months; I cannot believe he'll be two next month!  What a big boy!

Judah has been trying to talk more and more.  He says way more than we can actually understand, but here are a few words that are pretty accurate:
apple (bapple), berries, book (buu), mama, daddy, MOM!!!!!!, Papa, Grandma (Gamma), ball, drink (din), this, uh-oh, thank you (da du), eyes, nose, and the one that's been around for what seems like most of his life - NO! 

He is still into everything.  Everything.  He has bruises, scratches, knots and skinned knees at all times. He jumps off the back of the furniture, tries to jump out of the back of his daddy's truck, jumps into open arms (and some that don't even know they need to be open!) absolutely fearlessly.  "Hesitation" is never a word I use to describe Judah.  If he had his way, he would already be in school.  I have to chase him out of Eli's classroom and pretty much any other classroom with an open door just about every day at drop off and pick up.   He loves going to the YMCA and does not have a very happy morning on the days that we don't go somewhere.  By the time we have to pick up Eli at lunch he's banging on the door out to the garage. 

Adventurous and fearless.  I love it.  Even if it does give me heart palpitations.  He is the reason that Kris says, "You know, when I'm sitting quietly eating my lunch at a park I think, 'Maybe we could have one more...', and then I come home at night." I don't think our hearts or our house can take it. 

But speaking of our hearts, they are full of Judah.  He is totally fun and totally precious.  Personality galore and the best snuggles ever.  Love, love, love this child!

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