Sunday, February 16, 2020

Susanna Rocking the Chicken

Susanna can be as rough and tumble as any of the boys. But she does have some sweet, little mama instinct in there too.

Susanna, Sam and Evelyn Christmas 2018

Cousins make everything more fun. And what could be more fun than a giant cardboard box?!

Luke Playing the French Horn

Luke joined the school band in Fall of 2018. He was given the French Horn as his instrument. He has risen to the challenge since then for sure. This is a video of one of his first attempts.

Luke's Homerun

Of all the homeruns that Luke and Eli have hit, I have only caught two on video. Both were Luke's. Always exciting!

Susanna Singing Silly Songs

While we wait on her brothers to finish their music lesson, Susanna finds ways to amuse herself. 

Judah and Luke Making Music Together

For a season, Luke was taking piano lessons, Eli guitar lessons and Judah drum lessons. At one lesson, Judah and Luke were having a little jam time together. 

Susanna and Grandaddy

Susanna loves to go to Georgia to spend time with Grandaddy and Grandma. All the snuggles, mac n cheese and Peppa Pig she wants.