Thursday, January 10, 2008

Child Malignment and Best Friends

Mama always accuses me of maligning my children when I tell her how fussy they have been and then they act like Mr. Happy when she sees them. (That goes for whichever of the boys I am talking about at the time.) Well, Mama, I'm guilty again. I wrote about Eli, talking all kinds of lies about him. He is the happiest baby on the planet these days. And can I just tell you how cute he is! He is smiling and laughing. He's giving us kisses (well, just the open mouth slobbers on the face, but those count in my book) and wallowing all over us without a single whine. Of course you have to keep him fed and well rested or you'll hear about it, but other than that, he's loving life. There is no rhyme or reason with these babies sometimes.

One of Luke and Eli's favorite things is to get in the bed together. Luke jumps all around and Eli just laughs and squeals hysterically. If I'm holding Eli when I put Luke down for his nap, Luke will look at me and say, "Eli, bed?" I'll lay Eli next to Luke in the bed, and I can just tell that Luke is trying with everything in him to stay still because he knows it's all over if he gets up. He practically trembles with excitement, though, and usually can't stand it. The funny thing is how excited Eli gets when I put him in the bed with Luke. He gets a big smile on his face and yells! Luke has always gotten more smiles out of Eli than anyone else, and that's certainly not changing, it seems. There are moments when I think we were crazy having two so close together, but I already see when the two of them are wriggling around together like little puppies that they are best friends.

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KateVonGlahn said...

That was a sweet moment when I could put David and Rae in the bed together without fear of a trampling.

It's so good that they love each other.