Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chic-Fil-A Happiness

We took the boys to Chic-Fil-A last night just to get out of the house and be together as a family. Really it's somewhere we can go so I don't have to cook dinner that nobody cares if Eli screams or Luke dips EVERYTHING, including his fruit, in ketchup. And, they have a nice, indoor playground. After dinner, Luke played on the "paygoun" and Kris walked next door with Eli to the store to look at cell phones. I just sat on the bench and watched Luke running around with the other kids. He was in heaven. He was way up high in the tallest tower watching kids chasing each other. I would occasionally hear him squeal with delight about all the craziness. He has no idea about tag, but he was loving all the action.

And I almost started crying. You know that feeling of being so completely content and pleased, happy and grateful about something that the only response you can come up with is for your eyes to well up with tears? That's how I felt watching Luke. He was so happy! He was enjoying every moment. Pleasure. That's what it was for him, pure pleasure to be standing there with the other kids having fun. And being his mama, that's all I wanted for him. I just wanted him to stand there all night (well, okay, not all night, obviously) and have a blast! Nothing pleases me more than to see my boys happy. Not even a clean house, but I do have to admit it is a close second.

I have to believe that the only reason I feel that way about my children is because God feels that way about me. If there is nothing good in me but that which comes from Him, and I am made in His image, then the part of me that loves my children and loves for them to be happy - that's God, right? Then that means when I am utterly and completely happy, content at my very core, God receives immeasurable pleasure from that. He even arranges that. What a beautiful concept. What a beautiful God.

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