Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Spoilin' From Grandma and Grandaddy

This past weekend, Grandma and Grandaddy (my mama and daddy) came for a visit. It was so much fun to have them. We enjoyed being silly, snuggling, eating out and hanging out. We actually went to dinner one night at Outback and enjoyed ourselves in spite of a looooong wait.

If you look closely, you can see three heads in there. Luke loves snuggling.
Sorry, Daddy, I couldn't resist!
On Sunday, while Kris, Luke and Daddy went to Blue Springs to see the manatees, Mama, Eli and I went to JoAnn Fabrics to find some material for curtains for my bedroom. We had a great time creating beautiful curtains with the fabric and trim we found, along with the curtains that were already in our room. They turned out so pretty!!

It was a wonderful weekend, and we can't wait for them to come again! We love you, Grandma and Grandaddy!


Heather said...

Man, did everyone in our family get the domesticated gene, but me!! Mom never even taught me how to sew a button on. Oops maybe I shouldnt say that incase you have some attractive single Christian man that reads your blog! Haha. Love the curtains!

KateVonGlahn said...

I really like the curtains and the picture of Luke in the bed with mama and daddy is too cute!

The Cornett Family said...

Cute you have to teach me how to do that!