Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Cool Craft

I am most definitely "the least of these" when it comes to crafty people. But, I go to MOPS and am there surrounded by friends who have the most unbelievable ideas for taking nothing and turning it into something really awesome. It almost makes me want to take time to be crafty on my own. Our most recent craft was making silhouettes of our kids. The girls in charge of crafts had taken side profile pictures of our kids ahead of time and then we cut them out. It was way easier than I would have thought, and it was amazing how much the work I did actually looked like the boys! I think Luke's looks just like him (except that after his hair cut last week it doesn't. More on that later...), and Eli's is a very good resemblance.

We had examples of framed silhouettes to follow that were really cool, and there were also ideas of cutting out silhouettes to then turn into iron on templates for pillows, wall art, etc. Mine is just a fun, baby book keepsake, but there is so much you could do with something so easy!

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