Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun New Words for Eli

Eli is saying so much these days. He pretty much understands anything we tell him and repeats anything we ask him to (if he feels like it). He has his own way of saying things:

* Luke is "Woot"
* Thomas (the Train, of course) is "Mas!"
* Train is "Chain"
* Bread is "Bed"
* Cereal is "Ceeree"

I could continue on with the names he calls different foods because he is very proficient with his food words. Imagine that.

He loves singing. He sings the ABC's. It's not quite like we sing it, but the tune is right. He LOVES Bob the Builder. Whenever that starts up, he sings it at the top of his lungs like Luke does, except his goes a little more like, "Baaaaaaaaaa da Booder, yesh ee caaa!!!!" It's hysterical.

The other day Eli said, "I wov oo" without any prompting. You can imagine what that did to my little heart. He does that to my heart quite often, he's a real charmer already. I want to remember all these little things and have a record so Eli can know what a fun kid he has always been and how much he makes all of us smile.

And because none of it is in his baby book. Sorry!


Hilliard Family said...

Thomas at our house is "Nommy" like Mommy, only with a N. A little confusing at times. He has also starting shouting "do it!" when he can't do something.

Anonymous said...

I guess Bob the Builder is a hit for all little boys. Trey just say Bob, Scooop, Muk. It is so cute when they talk about what they like.

Heather said...

oh he's gonna have second child syndrome if you don't get his baby book done!! J/K