Monday, December 30, 2013

Judah is Four!

A week before his actual birthday, we celebrate Judah turning 4. He's been telling people, "I four" or "I five" for months now, but now it's official that he really is four.

So patient.
 He knows exactly what to do.

 When you're a kid, as long as there's cake and presents, it's a party!

 And because his birthday is so close to Christmas, he was ready to move seamlessly from birthday to Christmas presents. Luke stepped in to protect the Christmas loot.

Judah, you are passionate about life, and it is infectious! You bring joy to our household from the time you wake up with a peppy, "Good morning, Mama!" to the time you crash out at night. I've never known a four year old quicker to say, "Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!" or "Good job, Mama!" or "I love you!" You express what you feel. You're learning to use your words, even though it's sometimes tough, especially since you're not always sure how to say what you feel. You love your brothers and your sister and you are a good friend. You are not afraid of anything. You'll go anywhere, try everything, talk to anyone. You are fearless. Sometimes that doesn't end well for you, and you have lots of scrapes and bruises to show it, but that never stops you from getting back up and doing the same thing again. I can't wait to see where your passion and determination lead you in life. You are adventurous, and I know your adventures will lead you to incredible accomplishments. You love to sing worship songs and to pray at dinner. Your heart is tender toward the things of heaven. 

I love you, Judah. You please me just by being your sweet, happy, fun-loving self. Happy birthday, my four year old!

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