Saturday, December 28, 2013

Susanna at Three Months

I'm thinking this whole first year of Susanna's life might be a blur. We are truly enjoying every single second with her. I'm even loving the early morning waking and middle of the day chaos moments. But they are happening before I can capture them and write them down. I am really trying, but her updates will just have to be as I can get to them.

I don't know if it's because she's number four and I know now how to relax and enjoy every moment, because she's my last baby or because she's a girl, but I feel such a connection with her already.
 While I am loving the bows and girly stuff, I am amazed at some of the stuff that people put on their baby girls.  I mean, really?
 Luke is such a huge help with her. He was holding her while I got a shower, and they were watching Saturday morning cartoons together.
 It got a little chilly here so she's gotten good use out of the warm blankets people have given her.
 Her brothers amuse themselves.
 The only thing I've bought her. She has so many clothes, but I wanted her to have a Christmas outfit.
 This was the morning after she slept almost twelve straight hours. I was getting ready to sneak in her room and check if she was breathing. I am relaxed, but I've never had a three month old sleep twelve hours, so it made me a little nervous. She felt good, and I was pretty darn happy too!
Oh, Susie Q! I love you!

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