Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

Our Christmas present opening, in it's entirety. Long, but so much fun.

 BB's??? Yes!
Eli opening it...
Luke and Eli jumping up and down...
Luke dancing...
And the whole thing live.
Judah's turn.

Wrapping paper flying...
Luke's jersey. I'm bending over in this picture to find Eli's so I can slow the mad scramble on Eli's part to rip through every present left until he found his. 
My favorite quote of the day is when Eli found his FSU jersey, "I'm on fire!!!!" So sad I missed getting that on video.

I have to tell the story about the jersey. Kris found Luke's jersey about a month ago, but it was the only one they had at Target. We never could find one for Eli, but we thought it would be okay. The week before Christmas Eli was wearing his friend's jersey that he left at our house. When I told him he couldn't wear it to school, with tears in his eyes, he said, "Well, will you at least get me a jersey for Christmas?" 
Oh Poo.
I texted Kris in a hurry that we needed to find this kid a jersey, any jersey for Christmas or it would ruin his day. Kris, in his daddy wisdom said that it must be an FSU jersey. I started my mad search that morning, only to be told by every store I could think of that they were out. Except for Sports Authority. I could get one there for $55. Um, no thanks. I called Kris to tell him this, and as I was talking, the thought floated through my mind, "You didn't call the Port Orange Target." I called every other Target around, but I didn't call the Port Orange one because we never go there. In my mind, it's hours away. But I am learning that the Holy Spirit loves to save me from drama, so I mentioned that I could still call the Port Orange Target. Kris said, "Oh yea, that's only a few minutes from my office. I could run over there during lunch if they have one." My sense of direction is lacking, to say the least.
I called, and the fella helping me said, "Well, I only have one FSU jersey left. It's a size 6/7." Eli's size. He held it at the front desk and Kris went to snag it during his lunch break. It was exactly like the one he had bought for Luke. Except it was Eli's size.
God, you love us so well.
I got to tell Eli this story Christmas morning, and his response was, "Well, it's a good thing you listened to the Holy Spirit!"
Yes, it is. It always is.

Judah's favorite.

It seems as though most of our gifts are either on wheels or weapons. I'm sure we should stop and question the wisdom of these purchases, but if we did we would think, "We have three boys. What the heck else are we supposed to get them?!"

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