Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everybody Going Surfing!

Luke has been a little fish since almost birth, but we never expected him to be such a good little surfer! (Click on the pictures to see them better.)

I was in the beach house with Judah when these were taken, and Mrs. Bonnie came in to bring Eli up and let me know he was surfing. By the time I made it out there it was getting dark and Kris said he was concerned about sharks since that's when they generally come out. I figured he was just kidding around and trying to get Luke out of the water, so I got them to go back out so I could actually see Luke surf. Well, Luke was not interested in going back out because he heard Kris say there were sharks, so he never would stand up for me to see. He had a death grip on the board, and whenever he got close to Mr. Eric, he would jump off the board into his arms.

Right about the time Luke rode the board in for the third time, Kris' cousin, who was fishing from the beach about fifty yards away, caught a shark. And then ten minutes later his other cousin caught a bigger shark. I think they caught a total of ten sharks in a one hour period.

I have no words.

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The Journey said...

WOW!!! That is enough for me to stay out of the water for sure!