Friday, July 2, 2010

Judah At Six Months

We had Judah's six month check-up yesterday. He is 27 1/2 inches and 17 lbs, 1 oz. That makes him about 80% in height and 50% in weight. I find it so hard to believe there are babies much fatter than him! I had all three boys with me at the doctor's office yesterday, so that is all the info I have from his check-up. I guess he's fine otherwise. If not, I wouldn't remember if the doctor said anything else or not.

He is almost sitting up now, he just needs one finger holding him to keep him from dumping over. He sleeps through the night, praise Jesus! Once we got his cast off I felt happy about letting him work it out at night. He's wearing shoes now 24 hours a day. Most of the time he doesn't seem to mind them. I try not to notice how gross the shoes laces are, since they are his favorite thing to chew on and he spits up on them regularly.

Judah is a really happy baby 99% of the time. He's been teething lately, so that 1% is a little painful for all of us. He loves his brothers. And he LOVES his daddy. If Kris sneaks in the room while I'm nursing him he'll stop and get really still, and then he'll start smiling before he even turns around to see him. It's like he has a Daddy radar. Then he'll turn over and reach up to put a hand on Kris' face and just smile and stare at him. Precious. When I get him up in the morning he puts his chubby arms around my neck and buries his face into the side of my neck.

It won't be long before Judah starts crawling. He definitely does not stay in one place anymore. He rolls around front to back, back to front, side to side. Bathing him is a major work out. He thinks it's so funny to make me work so hard to get him clean.

Luke and Eli make Judah laugh. He'll hang out of the side of his stroller watching them like he's at the circus, which, is quite appropriate around here most days.

(The entertainment is Luke hitting a beach ball. The big commotion at the end is Luke doing a split after he accidentally stepped on a toy. It wasn't pretty; however, after many tears, he was okay, and I think he will still be able to father children one day.)

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