Monday, June 14, 2010

Luke's Turn

Luke hasn't gotten much exposure on the blog recently. To be fair, he hasn't been a very squeaky wheel. He has, by far, been the least squeaky wheel in the house. But here are a couple of things he's been up to.

Bedtime stories for Eli
Literature of choice...
Finding creative ways to make going to bed fun
So, he's really not reading the Divine Comedy. But he is reading. He can read the beginning reader books and can spell words by sound that surprise me almost daily. He likes to write people notes. He'll have me or Kris write what he wants to say, and then he'll copy it down so he can give Grandma, Papa, Grandaddy, his friends, whomever a note.

He doesn't seem to notice it, but he is Judah's favorite face, right after Daddy. The second he walks in the room, Judah is turning around and smiling, just looking for him. It's really so sweet.

We are enjoying our break from school, staying in our pj's for a good portion of the morning. Okay, I'll be honest. Staying in our pj's for a good portion of the day. Luke is a lounger. He likes to lay around, watching cartoons and would do that all day if I would let him. I am letting him rub off on me, and I am doing a good job enjoying having three wonderful boys far better than I was doing when we had a daily schedule. The house shows it for sure, but they boys are showing it, too. They are giving me some really sweet moments, and I'm storing up precious memories.

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