Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Husband Is a Genius and My Baby Is Houdini

I think Judah hates Blogger. Every time I sit down to put something on my blog he starts wailing. Anyhow...

When it comes to our children, Kris has a knack/gift/divine talent, call it what you like, for observing and solving problems. While I keep doing the same thing over and over again, wondering why nothings changing, he'll watch and then make some passing remark about "Maybe you should try such and such." And nine times out of ten, he gets it right on the mark.

Judah has been doing fine at night, but sometimes he grunts and wiggles like he's uncomfortable, even though he's not really awake. It's loud enough that it keeps me awake, and it seems like he's not really sleeping well either. So, Kris says, "Maybe you should try feeding him just on one side. I think he seems satisfied after that and you're just waking him up when you try to feed him on the other side." I've learned that his suggestions are always worth trying, and as usual, he was right. Judah is much more restful at night now that I've started feeding him less. Imagine.

Judah has a talent, too. He does a disappearing act. I made a pallet for him at Kris' parents' house the other night and laid him down. I kept checking on him, and he was passed out with his mouth wide open. We ate dinner, cleaned up and played with the other boys a bit, and then I went to check on him again. He was not where I had left him, which surprised me a little bit, but being that Kris is well known for practical jokes, I wasn't concerned. Until I saw Judah laying on the carpet in Mrs. Bonnie's closet. I marched out to the room where Kris was, trying to laugh at the "funny joke" while I was really furious and said, "So you just laid him on the bare carpet?" He looked at me a little stunned and said, "What are you talking about? What happened?" I said, "You didn't move the baby?" At this point, he jumped up and we both went back into his parents' room where Judah was snuggled up next to Mrs. Bonnie's tennis shoe. He had scooted himself a foot to the left and three feet forward. Poor fella had carpet lint and some other, unidentifiable lints matted to his face and was breathing like he had just run a marathon. Needless to say, I felt like mom of the year. I learned an important lesson, though. I won't be laying Judah down on any beds unattended. Ever.


the wyatts said...

praise God for wise and invovled daddies! i love it that you used the word "pallet". we do too. such a southern word.

The Journey said...

Just checking... the pallet was on the FLOOR right?

He didn't learn to roll and bounce all in the same evening did he?