Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Laundry, More Love

Those are two of the things that came with Judah. It's amazing how much laundry I'm doing these days. I used to wash every two or three days, and now it seems like I wash two or three loads a day. I feel so much better now that I'm not pregnant that I've kept up with it just fine, but it still amazes me.

What else amazes me is how much I love this little boy. He just fits. He is such a sweet baby. He eats, looks around for a while, says "Wahh" once and then goes to sleep. Oh, and he poops. A lot. But that's what he's supposed to do, so even that is great. So much of my pregnancy with him reminded me of my pregnancy with Luke. He is the same kind of baby Luke was too except that I am relaxed enough to actually enjoy it.

Kris has been a SUPER STAR with the big boys. I have had more alone time (with Judah, of course) in the past three weeks than I've had in a couple of years. He has kept them occupied, done the grocery shopping, let me sleep in on the weekends, taken care of odds and ends. I have a good man.

Luke is glad to be back in school. It has been a huge help for all of us. He's happy there and happy to be home in the afternoon so that "rest time" feels like fun rather than a sentencing. Eli loves having me to himself in the morning, and I'm grateful to be able to get things done while it's calm. It's amazing how calm Luke is without Eli and how calm Eli is without Luke. They totally love each other and drive each other crazy all at the same time.

The big boys are excited about Judah and want to hold and kiss him all the time. It's unfortunate that their excitement comes in the form of jumping all around and throwing themselves into the furniture right next to their baby brother's head, but at least he's loved, right? I'm trying to be cool about it. Not only because I want them to always love him, but because they know when I'm losing my cool and think it's a fun game to see if they can make Mama's head spin. Are all boys born this way?

I think Kris and I are going on a date tonight. We'll see if that happens. Also, I will eventually put more pictures of Judah on here as well as the details of his birth.

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The Journey said...

Precious! I love hearing about your family!