Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Staycation

The thing I was most disappointed about after my doctor's appointment last week was that the boys wouldn't be able to spend Thanksgiving in Camilla. We had been talking about it and excited about it for weeks, so I wasn't sure how we were going to let them down gently. Plus, when Luke talked about going to school, he always made sure to say that he was not going to go until "after Georgia". My parents solved the dilemma and gave me, Kris and the boys an incredible Thanksgiving gift. They met us halfway Wednesday night so the boys could go spend Thanksgiving with them since I needed to stay home.

I didn't know if Luke would be willing to go without us, and I felt positive that Eli wouldn't go. Apparently I don't know my children all that well. Luke wasn't sure what he wanted to do until Eli declared without hesitation that he was going to Georgia to see Grandaddy and ride tractors. Done and done. According to my mother, neither of my children ever asked about me or Kris. And they were perfect. Hmmm...Perhaps this should become an every six months tradition. What do you say, Mom?

Kris and I both really enjoyed the quiet and slow pace. We were able to get completely ready for baby, mostly ready for Christmas and enjoy a few meals out. And I laid around a lot and just tried not to do anything that would send me into labor. They are coming home today, and I am glad. I miss being "Mama".


Lauren said...

That seemed like it worked out great! I'm glad the boys still got to go see your family and you and Kris could have some down time before Baby #3 arrives. I hope you are able to continue to rest and keep cookin' that baby for a little longer!

We are praying for you!

Christy Ward said...

It must be hard to "rest" while chasing two boys!! Glad your parents could help out....isn't it always funny how our children are "perfect" for the grandparents! Keeping you in my prayers!

shauna said...

What a blessing! My parents did that for us when Asher was born and it was WONDERFUL. Glad you and Kris got things done and got some conversation in without kiddy interruptions!