Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Luke is four today. Four. Four whole years have passed since my sweet firstborn entered our world. When he got up this morning (EARLY - thanks, time change. You may be excused.) I had already gone outside for a walk, and Kris called me back in because Luke wanted to tell me it was his birthday. As if I could forget. I so remember. I remember the moment I first realized I was pregnant. I remember the first time I felt him move. I remember the first time I saw his face on an ultrasound and found out that he was a boy. I remember going for a walk with Kris the morning of his birth and thinking, "Hmmm...these contractions aren't stopping." I remember that even through the pain of labor I knew I would do it all over again just to meet and love this little boy. And I have so many other little memories collecting in my head and my heart attached to becoming and being the mother of Luke.

Luke, thank you for being my big boy. Thank you for your sloppy, wet kisses and all the fantastic hugs you give. Thank you that you never hold a grudge, even when I get it so wrong with you. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for telling me my eyes are beautiful and letting me know you really mean it. Thank you for always wanting me to be your playmate and friend, even in the moments when I get too busy to appreciate it.

You are a smart cookie. (At this point, you would tell me, "I'm not a cookie, Mama, I'm a boy.) You have a love for learning that pleases my academic brain. You love to work on your letters and your numbers, and you always want to know what things are and how they work. You are also an athlete, which pleases your Daddy's athletic heart. You have your Daddy's sense of humor. You make us smile and laugh all the time.

Eli adores you, do you know that? You are a fantastic big brother. The way you share, help, teach, kiss boo-boos, include and comfort him, most of the time without any prompting, blesses me. It lets me know that, while much of who you are gets shaped by me and your Daddy, who you are is born from a heart fashioned by a God who chose you before the foundation of the world and has a plan that reaches far past the hopes and plans of your parents. You are a gift to us, but you belong to Him.

Happy Birthday, my big boy.


Pajama Mama said...

What a beautiful tribute to your big boy!

The Journey said...

I got teary eyed. Great post! Happy Birthday Luke!!!

Lauren said...

What a sweet post!

Happy Birthday Lukie!