Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sickness Update

We are still alive. Kris was ready to go to work by Tuesday morning. Luke woke up Wednesday morning in the wee hours wailing about his ear hurting. When Kris went in to check on him he asked Kris for a piece of ice for his ear. So sad. We took him to the doctor and he has an "bad" ear infection in one ear (according to the doctor). He seems to be much better now, in health and attitude. The meltdowns are slowing down a bit.

Eli, poor Eli, with the low pain tolerance, also has an ear infection. We took him to the doctor this morning, and she said that the five patients before us had ear infections as well. Apparently, it's an epidemic. After a dose of antibiotic and some ibuprofen, he is still asleep after three and a half hours. Praise God. Did I mention he has a low pain tolerance? Poor Mama.

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