Monday, November 10, 2008

I Love...

...the way Eli comes running anytime you dare to lay on the ground so he can straddle you and inch his diaper butt up your belly until he's eventually sitting on your face. And then laughs.

...the way when you ask for a kiss, Luke puckers up his lips really big and says, "Mmmmmmmm..." until you lean in to receive his sloppy, wet kiss.

...the way Luke and Eli use Daddy's tools so they can "work" on the tractor together.

...that Luke and Eli take comfort in each other in unfamiliar places, make each other crazy one second and laugh the next, fight to get in my lap first but are really happiest when they're snuggled up together, splash way more in the tub together than they do alone, stick their fingers under the door to each other and try to "catch" the other's fingers and squeal when they're caught.

...that Luke and Eli are teaching each other what it means to love, be loved and to be a friend.

...that my boys take good naps and that most days I can't wait for them to wake up.

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The Journey said...

My heart feels warm and squishy!!!


I love how you love you family! Thanks for sharing!