Monday, November 3, 2008

My Luke

I got Luke up this morning and asked him whose birthday it was. He said, "It's mine." When I asked him how old he was he said, "I three." Just like that. Three.

I have been the mother of this sweet, tender-hearted, gentle, wild, fun-loving, go-with-the-flow, cuddling, interesting, light-up-my-day little boy for three whole years. Oh, Luke, do you even know what you've done to me? You have changed me from a self-centered little girl into a mama who loves that her whole day gets to be about you and your brother. I love that name, "mama", and you started it. Thank you, sweet child of mine, for giving me your heart and for helping me find mine. I love you!

With the fork lift that Grandma Clair and Grandaddy sent in the mail.


Christy Ward said...

Happy Birthday Luke!! Hannah, I can't believe your oldest is 3!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! isn't it fun to be a mama?! wish we lived closer so our boys could be friends:)

ben and shauna said...

our children's birthdays are more than just their celebration. it's a celebration of the blessings God gives us in raising them. i truly think our kid's birthdays mean more to us, moms, than anyone else. so, happy birthday to you, mama hannah!

Pajama Mama said...

I agree with Shauna. Each of our kid's birthdays takes us moms right back to the actual birthdate.

Happy Birthday to Luke!

The Journey said...

I teared up!!!


The Cornett Family said...

I know this was an older post but I'm just now reading your blog and your words about made me cry! You're just a wonderful mom, it's beautiful!