Monday, September 15, 2008


Luke and Eli have been playing together so well the past couple of weeks. Luke is still beating up on Eli regularly, and Eli is still stealing Luke's toys. But you can tell they are really enjoying being brothers.

Eli daily eats a waffle as big as his head. Sometimes two.

Eli is thinking, "Hmmm...I wonder how long he's going to let me touch his toy."

To Eli's delight, Luke decided to just play along.

Eli is always trying to get a laugh.

I lost the boys one day, and I found them "riding" in the bike trailer.

As you can tell, this is a favorite chillin' spot. Juice boxes are definitely a favorite treat around here. We usually save them for desperate times like car rides, but it was such a nice night out that we all had a treat.

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Pajama Mama said...

They are precious! I think Luke looks like his Daddy....and has anybody ever said that Eli and Rae favor? I see it...