Monday, June 2, 2008

"Seeing the Holy in the Ordinary"

I stuck my head in the door this morning to tell Kris that our neighbor wanted to talk to him, and when he started to come to the door, I heard Kris say, "Oh, no, Eli!" I went in to see that Eli had dumped all the contents of a cereal bag onto the floor and was shoveling handfuls of cereal into his mouth. The closer I got to him, the faster he would shovel. Little booger, you would think we never feed him.

I got the broom and started to clean up the mess. I swept a pile up and started on another section of the floor, and by the time I got back to my pile, Eli had swiped another handful. I guess he swiped it just right because what was left was in the shape of a heart.

You know when you have those thoughts that just pop into your head that you think, "That was God." I looked at the heart and immediately felt God saying, "Hi. I love you. Isn't this fun?" And I knew it was a beautiful, silly lesson that God loves to show us the Holy in the ordinary. What could have been an inconvenience or irritation became a reason to smile and feel God's pleasure over me. Wow!