Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Big Boys

Well, um, I think we're potty training. I say think because we just kind of fell into it. Kris bought some undies yesterday, and we figured we should just go for it while he was excited about them. He being Luke, not Kris. Although, I have to admit that we both kept holding them up last night and talking about how cute they were and how cute Luke's tush looks in them. Okay, we were WAY more excited than Luke was. So far, we're at 75%, meaning Luke has gone in the potty three out of four times. Thankfully, the fourth time was outside in his last clean pair of big boy undies. (I'm not counting poop. I don't want to mess up our average, and I need the high numbers for encouragement.) After that, I just took his undies off. I've had him naked most of the morning. I really hope I'm not traumatizing him. He keeps asking for a diaper. He is really modest and doesn't really like to be exposed. But, if he has on a diaper or undies he just goes in them. So, if he's a nudest in his adult years, it's all my fault. And as a disclosure, if you come to my house anytime in the near future, just know that Luke's naked (clean) hiney has been on the floor and furniture. Sorry, it's in the name of progress.

Eli started walking this past weekend at the lake. To watch him now is amazing. Before, if we tried to get him to walk, he would arch his back and protest loudly until you let him go. Now, he walks around with this big grin on his face, and you can tell he is SO proud of himself. He wanted to do it his way, I guess.

So, I have two big boys. Crazy - two and a half and one. They are so big and growing up so fast.


Christy Ward said...

This is really funny!! But, whatever works, right?!!

KateVonGlahn said...

Yay for Lukie! I will tell David and he will be so proud. I'll have to let him think that he trained Luke from their one day together.

KateVonGlahn said...

It's been 9 days since your last post. We're waiting.