Thursday, August 22, 2013


Let me first start by saying that the kid in these pictures looks nothing like Eli.  I can't seem to get one that really represents him.  He's much cuter than he appears, and it seems as if he's caught his mother's non-photogenic genes.  Sorry, bud.

We've reached the all important milestone of loosing teeth, and it has been so fun to celebrate with Eli. The first lost tooth took a little while.  It was literally pointing out of his mouth, and he was just too nervous to let me pull it for him.  Understandable.  

Therefore, this is the last of about ten videos, because I was determined to document this moment.
The after photo

This is what happened about two weeks later.  A result of having a big brother who plays too rough.  He said it only hurt a little, and he was really pretty excited to start school this way.  It was slightly loose, but I don't foresee him having a big tooth in its place anytime soon.
 And this is what happens when he plays ball with the big brother. Sigh.

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