Wednesday, August 14, 2013

33 Weeks!

With Eli as my photographer, I got a shot of where we are in the baby cooking process.  I currently have about four pictures of this entire pregnancy.

I feel like I look much smaller in this picture than in reality.  Which is why I posted it.  That and I felt cute in my outfit. :)
 This is far more accurate.  This is also right before I went to my doctor's appointment, which lasted three minutes.  Not kidding.

I'm having a lot of ligament pain in my lower belly, but wearing the belly belt around the house is helping with that.  My hips have shifted, so that has created some discomfort too.  I do a lot of directing and correcting and loving from the couch these days, but all in all, we're doing just fine.  We are just ready to have Susanna in our family.  The boys are constantly hugging, kissing and snuggling her, which makes me smile.  I did ask Luke and Eli if they would love on her as much when she was out of my belly, and they gave me some undecipherable answers.  We'll see.  I'll just enjoy all the extra snuggling "she's" getting for now.

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