Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Choice by Robert Whitlow

The Choice by Robert Whitlow is a story about a young girl who makes a poor choice, only to be faced with an even greater one.  Set in the 70's, a time when teen pregnancy was taboo, The Choice addresses both sides of the abortion/adoption issue, as the main character, Sandy, decides which path she will take for herself and her unborn child.

I have read several books by Robert Whitlow and had high hopes for this book, as I have loved every other book I've read by him.  This book had a different flow than the others of his I've read.  It was much slower paced and much more detailed.  Sometimes I got bogged down in the details a bit and wished it would move a little faster.  There was one moment about a third of the way through the book, when a new character was introduced, that I thought, "Okay, exciting, it's going to pick up."  Instead, it went back to painting the story of Sandy's pregnancy and decision.

The second half of the book was definitely more engaging, but again, got bogged down with less than exciting characters and details.  There was a definite story being told, but it felt as if drama was being fit a little bit here and there, rather than it being an overall engaging story.

I would read another Robert Whitlow book in a heartbeat.  He is a talented author.  I probably wouldn't recommend this book, though.  It just didn't grab my interest.

This is a review for a book I received through Booksneeze.  The opinions are my own.

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