Friday, September 7, 2012

Judah's First Day of School

Judah started preschool on Wednesday at the Methodist Church preschool where Luke and Eli went.  He'll go three mornings a week while I'm helping Kris' mom a bit at her office.

Where Eli would happily stay home with me for the rest of his life (and has recently put a request in that Kris quit his job so he can stay home with us too), Judah has been itching to get in the classroom since he was old enough to squirm out of my arms and dart past the teacher to play with the other kids (while I was still outside trying to pry Eli off of me, since it was actually his class).

Judah's first day of school, he wheeled his little backpack behind him right into the classroom, with barely a look back in my direction.  Mr. Social Butterfly.

He was completely uninterested in pictures.  I managed to sneak some at pickup, but as soon as he figured out what I was up to he put a stop to it.
 Mama, no!
 I'na see!  I'na see!  I'na see!

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