Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Incident Reports

I'm not sure if I should just be amazed that I have never had to sign an incident report for Luke or concerned that I have had to sign so many for the other two.  I had to fill out two incident reports for Eli at school, both because he had cut his thumb on safety scissors.  Not even sure how that is possible, but the first time it was bad enough he almost cut the pad of his thumb off.  It stopped him from sucking his thumb, so it was really a good thing in the long run.

Today when I picked up Judah from the nursery at the YMCA I had to sign an incident report because another child pinched his face and made him bleed and he also fell and hit his head and had to have an ice pack.  Right after that we went to the library where the first thing he did was dive head first into a movie display.  When I got to the checkout counter the lady behind the desk said, "Wow, if he had done that here I would have had to fill out an incident report."  I just smiled and said nothing.  She obviously didn't connect the earlier screams with us.

So, along with the rather large bruise on his back where he fell off the top of the ladder to the fort and the busted chin from swimming Saturday he has two more nasty marks on his face.  I'm going to have to start explaining things when I go in public if we keep this up!

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Traci said...

Hannah, All your posts on Judah sound just like Neil!