Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Few Favorite Moments

My little panda bear.
My big panda bear. Both of them are totally cute. 
 Luke is working on perfecting his hand stand.
 He brought me these and wanted me to put them on him.
 These two ADORE one another.
 I was grateful to get him to stop long enough for a photo.  Even if it did involve a tongue. 
 It was a rare moment, so I snapped quite a few.

 Strangely, nothing makes Eli happier than having someone wallow on him or having someone to wallow on.
 And Judah continues to find ways to get into trouble.
 Can you see the huge goose egg?
 It had actually gone down a bit by the time I snapped this picture.  We might need to get him a helmet.

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