Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Butterfly Experience

For Christmas, Raeanna gave the boys a butterfly garden.  It came with a coupon for caterpillars that we "grew" in our garden.  The boys (and I) loved it!  I'm finally getting around to posting this, even though we did this in February.

Our baby caterpillars.  Every single day you could see them getting fatter.
 Once they got fat enough they went into their chrysalises.
 They grew for about ten days...
 And then became beautiful butterflies!
 Once it warmed up a bit, we released them in our yard.
A (bit long) video of us watching one of the butterflies coming out of its cocoon.  It's been since February, so it's crazy to see how much Luke has grown up in four months!

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Pajama Mama said...

We love stuff like that, too. The best one was a caterpillar that we couldn't identify with our "field guide." So we gave him some dirt and a stick to see if he'd make a chrysalis or cocoon. He went underground so fast! He came out a few weeks later as a normal brown moth...oh well.