Thursday, December 30, 2010

Judah's First Birthday

I have definitely gotten the message that we are going to have to celebrate Judah's birthday early in December.  It's just too crazy right before Christmas.  We did celebrate his birthday, it was just right in the midst of many other activities.  The Sunday before his birthday we had a party with yummy food, pretty cupcakes and fun gifts with the family. 

"Mama is making a crazy face.  What's all the excitement about?"
 "Hmmm....This looks...."
 A bath was in order.

Judah had a rotten cold that ended up in an ear infection, so he slept through the majority of his birthday party.  In spite of that, he had a good time being the center of attention. 

I know it's predictable, but it has to be said: I cannot believe Judah is already one!  This year has gone at light speed.  Our family has been so blessed by having Judah in it.  There is not one of us who has not completely enjoyed Judah.  I think he would say the feeling is mutual. 

Judah isn't walking yet.  He tricked me.  I thought for sure he would be.  He stands by himself for a long time and cruises the furniture, so it won't be long.  He is drinking well out of a sippy cup and eating only big boy food (which has seriously decreased the meal time screaming).  He has discovered foods he doesn't like.  Eggs was the first food.  He prefers foods mixed together.  Yay!  A southern baby...he loves casseroles!  I'm still nursing him, with no end in sight.  He's just so sweet about it and we have the sweetest cuddle time while I'm nursing him.  I recognize the value in that and know it will come in almost no other way.  My two big boys have taught me that. 

Judah has no idea that he is a baby.  He is convinced he's a big boy and tries all kinds of big boy things.  This morning he fell into the bathtub.  The other day he nearly hauled himself all the way into the toy box.  If the boys are outside, the why in the world isn't he?!! 

Kris has always been a jokester, and I think Judah will follow in his footsteps.  He always has this grin on his face like he's up to something.  He loves to smile and giggle and is happy the majority of the time.  Much more so when he's either in my arms or I'm out of his line of sight.  He gives the best kisses.  He comes at you with a wide open mouth, and once he makes contact with your face he might even lick you. 

Judah, love, you are such a snuggle bug!  I love you.  I enjoy you.  I look forward to getting you out of the bed in the morning.  Sometimes your Daddy and I take you out of each others arms because neither one of us can get enough of you.  Thank you for all your smiles and for the way you've settled so sweetly into our family.  Your first year has been a delight, and I will treasure it and you always.  Happy Birthday!


Lauren said...

Wow, a year already?!? Happy Birthday, Judah!

The Cornett Family said...

I can't believe it's been a year. Great pictures, and I love reading your posts :).