Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Scramble

I finally got around to wrapping presents Monday night, so Tuesday morning the boys were really excited to see them under the tree.  Eli picked a present up and turned to me with wide, excited eyes, "Is this my humpback whale?!" 

Oh. No.

He really wants a humpback whale for Christmas.  My entire Tuesday morning was spent online frantically trying to find a stuffed humpback whale in a store somewhere in the vicinity.  No luck.  I spent Wednesday afternoon scouring two different malls and various stores.  No luck.  Apparently, dolphins and penguins are popular.  Humpback whales, not so much. 

So, Eli will not be getting his humpback whale for Christmas, but at least I know what he wants for his birthday. 

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the wyatts said...

hahaha...that's so funny! hope yall have a merry christmas!