Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prayer of Faith

This morning I was laying in the bed for as long as I was allowed when Luke came in to tell me laying in the bed was no longer allowed. How did these kids get so bossy? I explained to him that I wasn't feeling well because he had given his cold to Judah who had passed it to me. Which, by the way, Judah has another double ear infection and my cold is way worse than Luke's was for the whole two days he suffered with it.

So, I told Luke I didn't feel good and was trying to rest, and after a few seconds he said, "Can I pray to God for you to feel better?" He has many times asked me to pray to God for him to feel better, but he's never been willing to do the praying himself and he has certainly never offered to do the praying. Of course, I said yes.

This is how it went:

"Okay, I'm going to lay my hand on your nose." He put his hand to my nose.

"Thanks, Father. God, would you make Mama's cold well? In Jesus name, Amen."

"Are you better?"

My day could not have started any better than that.

The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well. James 5:15


Lauren said...

how sweet!

The Journey said...

precious! It shows how much deep truth you and Chris are pouring into your boys! Mighty men of God for sure!