Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Much to Report

There isn't much happening here. Just trying to keep up with the break-neck pace involved with three boys. We went to DeLeon Springs yesterday and swam and picnicked, but I forgot to take my camera. Even though I left Judah with a sitter I'm so used to not having free hands for pictures that it never crossed my mind take a camera. It's a pity because I could have gotten some great shots. I do have a few pictures of the past week or two.

I'll refrain from showing the pictures of Eli's monstrous nosebleed. I only took pictures so Kris could see them and understand how truly unbelievable it was. I was feeding Judah in his room with the door closed. I had banished the boys because Judah won't stop watching them long enough to eat when they're around. Eli was, as usual, pushing Luke's buttons, and Luke was, as usual, falling right into the trap. It doesn't take great imagination to envision what transpired next, and experience tells me that what Luke gave Eli was earned. However, I was a little surprised to hear Luke saying, "Ooh, Eli. That's a lot of blood! You have blood EVERYWHERE!" Like I said, I won't put the pictures on here, but trust me, it was incredible.

These pictures are much cuter and much less stomach turning.

Eli being Mama's helper. Judah had been crying all the way home, and I had tossed a bottle to him while I was driving to see if he could figure it out. He figured it out enough to keep him from screaming, but by the time we got home he was willing to accept help from anyone. These third babies have to, in the words of my daddy, "Root hog or die." I'm not entirely sure where that saying comes from but it does paint an accurate picture, does it not?
Hanging out with some "big" boys
Judah's first bath with his brothers. I was exhausted afterwards, but a good time was had by all.
I would really love to know what Judah was thinking.
Eli after Mama has had a really long day and has locked them outside on the porch. Trust me, it was for their safety.
Eli after he determined that Mama wasn't letting him back in anytime soon and that he needed to figure out a way to amuse himself.


Lauren said...

Thanks for the update! I always enjoy hearing what the boys and You and Kris are up too. Judah is getting so big already! They grow up so fast.

The Journey said...

I love the sounds of an active house though! You never will be bored nor short of post material :)

Hannah, your such a great mom though. You have a gift with boys! They are going to be such great men of God. Future girls of America thank you :) :)

Traci said...

Love hearing about the antics your boys are up to. We have had to tell Neil to just stop doing "stuff" because he will find a way to do something other than what you told him not to. Boys are a lot of work but they have their mama's hearts.