Monday, July 26, 2010

Reptile Discovery Center

I took the boys to the Reptile Discovery Center on Friday. Trust me, you want to click on that link and watch the video. It is crazy fascinating. Unless, of course, snakes make you feel woozy, and then I don't recommend it. It really was an awesome experience.


I realized two things after the fact: 1) Visiting at the same time as the summer school group was probably not wise. 2) Going against my better judgment and waiting until afterwards to feed everyone lunch was insane.

I had to move Judah's stroller out of the way so the school kids could get a closer look once they began the venom extraction (Again, watch the video. Fascinating.). I moved back, and before I could turn around to grab Eli's hand, the masses moved in. Wailing and hysterics ensued. I managed to extract him from the crowd, but Luke was glued to the window watching, so I stood in the back of the room and kept my eyes on him while I slipped Eli and Judah food to keep them from a complete meltdown. Only I didn't know that Luke was glued to the window because he didn't know where I was or how to get out of the mob. Only after fifteen minutes when I decided I couldn't hold the two little guys off any more and parted the sea of people to get Luke did I realize that he had been standing at the window crying silently because he thought I left him.

You may now nominate me for the Mother of the Year award. Oh well.

We did get some great photos, thanks to my friend, MaryAnn.

Baby alligator. They are surprisingly soft.

This is the only picture of Eli holding the snake. Luke's asking if he can have a turn, and I'm saying, "Eli, don't squeeze!!"

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