Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Judah At Three Months

Judah turned three months a couple of weeks ago, but since we were away last week for spring break (more to come) I'm just now getting to it.

What a sweet fella'! We are so loving this little boy. And he is huge. I don't know what he weighs because he won't have another appointment until next month, but he is wearing a lot of 6-9 month clothes. He smiles all the time. Even when he's fussing, if you talk to him, he will smile while he fusses. He has worked out his fussy time at nights, and now he's happy until he goes to bed at the same time as the big boys. We've moved him into his own room (well, the guest room). We're happy to have our room back, but I am not loving having to walk across the house to tend to him when he wakes up. He is still getting up once at night, but we're (read: I'm) getting tired of that, so change is coming.

Judah's hands are starting to cooperate a little, and he's able to grab things now, even though he can't always control what happens after he grabs hold of it. He likes to be talked to and to be a part of the action. It's easy to tell he's the third child because he does NOT like to be left alone. He loves snuggling, which I love, and he is just an all around great baby.

He's seriously half my length already!

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The Journey said...

HE IS PRECIOUS!!! WOW!!! He truly is huge. I bet you have some serious mom muscles by now :)