Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eli's 3rd Birthday Party

We had Eli's birthday party Sunday. When I asked him what he wanted on his birthday cake he began making a list of various types of food. I believe Cheerios made the list twice. After pressing him further, we decided on dinosaurs. Thankfully, he isn't yet a connoisseur of birthday decorations, so he was impressed with my simple offerings.

He did much better with opening presents than he did at Christmas. At Christmas he opened one and refused to open the rest. Sunday he shredded the paper on every present before even checking any of them out. At least it made the present opening time a little quicker.
Dinosaurs and their "eggs"
Our little ham
He sang "Happy birsday to meeee!"

What a fun night celebrating our sweet Eli!


Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Eli!! See you Saturday at the beach!

Pajama Mama said...

Cupcakes were fun!! Happy Birthday to him!