Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friend Are Friends Forever

I know some of you have just burst into the 80's Michael W. Smith song. That's okay. Go ahead and finish. I'll wait.

Finished? Okay.

My friend Jessica is moving to Richmond, Virginia on Monday. I have known for about a month that she was going, so I've had about a month of feeling like I've been punched in the stomach. She is that kind of a friend to me. Sad doesn't describe it.

To celebrate her new adventure, this past Saturday, Jessica, seven of our friends (and two babies) and I were able to spend the night at Kris' parent's beach house. We had an absolutely fabulous time eating way too much junk, staying up way too late and laughing over absolutely everything, whether it was funny or not. It was two different groups of girls. One group knew each other from MOPS and the other group from Bible study. I have never been more proud to be friends with each one of those girls than I was this weekend. Every single girl embraced the other. A stranger walking in on us never would have been able to tell who belonged to which group. That's hard for women to do, but these girls did it flawlessly.

Jessica has no idea how amazing of a person she is, but we tried our hardest to show her this weekend how much we love her and will miss her. It certainly was a good time!

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Pajama Mama said...

What a blessing to give her such a sweet send-off! I know you'll miss your friend!